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Ares Plus 2.7

With this tool you can look for your favorite videos, audio files, documents
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Ares Plus

Ares Plus adds search, playback, and chat capabilities to the normal functionality you usually find in similar download managers. This tool provides you with the tools you need to look for your favorite videos, audio files, documents, software tools, etc., in the Web, to download as many of them as you wish, and to play them back using its built-in multimedia player. It is certainly a big step forward when compared to previous versions of Ares.

Ares Plus’ search engine has been largely optimized, and it is capable of browsing the Web in seconds to retrieve more accurate results. The program can either look for any type of file matching your criteria, as well as narrow its searches down to retrieve video, audio, image, document, or software files only. You can then make your selection among the hits retrieved, and double-click on any (or all) of them to send them to the Transfer tab. Once the download process has been completed, multimedia files are ready to be enjoyed using the program’s own player.

On the technical side, Ares Plus supports both the Gnutella and the BitTorrent protocols, thus being compatible with a large number of P2P networks. It is also compatible with your Windows firewall and with many other security tools, so you will not have to give up your system’s security to enjoy downloading. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Ares Plus is fully configurable – it comes with a wide range of settings to help you customize its default transfer, chat, network, hash links, BitTorrent, and File sharing configurations.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to search the Web for multimedia and software files to download
  • Built-in multimedia player to enjoy your downloaded files
  • Intuitive and attractive interface
  • Offers chat capabilities


  • Most chat channels retrieved refer to Spanish-speaking countries
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